Want to get involved? Yay! We couldn't be more excited. You will always get to choose your hours and roles.

We need help in a bunch of different areas, if you don't want to tutor, no problem. We still need you. Read more below!


Do you like teaching? Want to help students learn more effectively? 

This is the position for you! We offer tutoring services for K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Our subjects include Math, Reading/English, Science, Social Studies, and Languages. You would be interacting one-on-one with the students through web chat, and teaching in whatever way you feel fit.


Want interact with students, but topics are a little rusty? No problem. 

These tutors engage with students in specialty subjects. For example, you could choose to be a K-5 social interaction tutor where you could read a story to a child. Another option is post-graduation advice services: such as college application essay editing, armed services representatives, college major selection, workforce representatives etc. 


Do your family members ask you for computer help? Do you know your way around most simple-to-solve problems?

We are NOT the district's IT services, so we do not deal with account issues, or other things managed by them. We can help with app downloads, getting things set up, and adjusting settings. You will have leadership support, and if we can't manage it we will send it to the appropriate contacts.


Are you a social media expert or are constantly thinking of creative ideas? We need you!

You would be helping with creating social media and blog posts, collecting resources, selecting artwork for our community fridge, developing outreach initiatives, and helping us brainstorm new ideas and strategies. We want to constantly have new, applicable content for all of our users.

Found something that suits you? Great! Please contact us below! List what you are interested in the subject line, it will help us respond to you quicker.

If there wasn't a role that suits you, but you still want to help, please still contact us! We will work to get you a role that you're confident in. 


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