K-5 Ghostbuster Workout

Today's physical activity for ages K-5 is the GHOSTBUSTER Workout.

Students will need to be able to:

- Access the internet for the Ghostbuster theme song

- Find an open and safe area to do this activity.

Students will have three levels of intensities to choose from; intensity 1 is jogging in place, intensity 2 is doing jumping jacks, and intensity 3 is high knees in place. During the song, a student will choose one of the intensities (shown above) and do that movement throughout the whole song and every time the song says “GHOSTBUSTERS”, the student must do one burpee. For those who don’t know what burpee is, begin in a standing position, move into a squat position with your hands on the ground, then push out legs while hands are planted on the ground (push up position), then go back into a squat position with hands on the ground, finally jump up to a standing position. After the burpee, you continue back to the movement of your choosing (jogging, jumping jacks, or high knees).

This activity is supposed to be fun and a good challenge, enjoy folks!!

  • Alayna Maher, 2017 Monticello Grad

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