Kindness Rocks!

You will need:

  • A rock of any size

  • Paint

  • Words of wisdom

There aren’t many supplies needed for this activity, so it can easily be done from your backyard! First, go out and find a rock that is smooth on at least one side. Grab your paint and words of wisdom and paint the words onto the rock! You can design it however you want and write anything you want, as long as it is staying appropriate.

Here are some examples of what to write:

  • Smile

  • You Matter

  • Be Kind

  • You Rock

  • Love

  • You are awesome!

  • You’re beautiful

Once you have completed painting the rocks and letting them dry, give them to friends or family to make their day! Post pictures in the comments of your creations!

  • Josie Bovee, 2018 Monticello Grad

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